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MIRACLES & healings

See what's happening in the greatest church in Marion!


From the time we moved into our new building in April 2004, the Lord has performed at least 20 major healings. Many have received the Holy Ghost and even more have been baptized in Jesus name! We are having revival. Praise God!

The Lord is working

The original plan of salvation is being taught. The word of God says that "the Lord went with them, confirming the Word, with signs following."

The Lord confirms his word with signs following. The gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the book of 1 Corinthians are in operation in our church. Many physical healings such as cancer, Hepatitus B, and others have occured. Let ALL praise go to our King, Jesus Christ!


Pastor Krog had a torn rotator cuff for years and couldn't lift his arm above his head. We recently had an evangelist come and he prayed for several people in our congregation. Our pastor's shoulder has been completely restored! Thank You Jesus!
Gary had horrible problems with his digestive system. Gary's report was that it was really messed up inside. The doctors x-rayed him and did tests. The prognosis was horrible. During a prayer meeting on Wednesday, we prayed for Gary, A few days later Gary went to the doctor and they did some more tests, then they compared the new test results with the older ones. The doctor was astounded. He said that Gary had the BEST looking digestive system he had ever seen. He asked Gary if he still wanted him to be his doctor. Because there wasn't anything else to do for Gary.
Amber had a medical condition that was going to require surgery. The church prayed for her and in the morning she woke up and found herself completely healed!
Mike had chronic back pain since he was 18 years old. Mike was prayed for by an evangelist named Bro. Lee Stoneking and was miraculously healed.
These are only a few of the many dozens of miracles and healings the Lord has done in the last few years.






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Marion, Iowa 52302